With CEREC, gone are the days of having to make two appointments to get a crown, inlay or onlay. Our Reading dentist office  has a CEREC machine that fabricates porcelain restorations on-site, which makes it possible for Dr. Blimline to prepare your tooth and place the restoration in just one office visit.

CEREC –Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics- allows dentists to restore beauty to your damaged teeth with natural and durable ceramic in a single office visit. In as little as two hours, your dentist can fit you with veneers, fillings or crowns using a solid piece of ceramic. Restorations are milled in the convenience of our office, saving you time and money.

Treatment using traditional lab-created crowns requires at least two office visits. At the initial visit, impressions are taken of teeth and sent to a laboratory to be fabricated. After teeth are prepared for the crown, patients are fitted with temporary crowns that can be uncomfortable, and sent home. At the following appointment, temporary crowns have to be removed before permanent crowns can be bonded.

Treatment using CEREC is much more efficient and comfortable when compared to traditional methods.

CERECDr. Blimline is able to avoid messy imprints by painting teeth with a reflective powder and using a specialized camera to create crystal-clear images used to design crowns and veneers. In as few as 10 minutes, the CEREC machine mills the crowns or veneers from a single ceramic block selected to match the patient’s natural tooth color. Once the product is polished to a natural sheen, it is immediately bonded to the patient’s teeth. There is no need for temporary crowns, which can be uncomfortable and possibly leak- compromising the health of your teeth.

CEREC restorations are sturdy and should last as long as lab-created styles. When cared for properly, they can even last a lifetime.

CEREC restorations are available today for patients needing crowns, veneers or fillings.